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Max Beauty Kit (Scrub)

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This is the perfect kit to start your skin care Regimen 

Kit Includes

Bar,Toner Pads,Serum,Mask ,Rich Moisture,Facial Scrub

* for the wet brightening detox mask add mask upgrade to cart 

How to Use 

  1. Bar -Use Morning and Night 
  2. Toner -Use At Night Only 
  3. Rich Moisture - Morning 
  4. Mask - Use Once a week you can put it on directly on your pimple or all over for 7-10 mins(Mix in a plastic bowl/add spring water until paste like ..Wash off with cool water to tighten pores ..Add moisture
  5. Beauty Serum -Use at Night can put directly on the mark with a qtip or apply over .One drop on each cheek rub in with clean hands 
  6. Facial Scrub -Use facial Scrub Once a week to buff away dead skin

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

To start I was excited to order from this company! My daughter is a faithful customer. I tried the Beauty serum and instantly fell in Love with it.So much that I decided to order my own. I ordered the complete kit.

That's when everything started going down hill.2 weeks passed and I hadn't received an update and it had not been shipped. So, I inquired about my order. A few days passed and I got a response stating that my order would go out the following week. When it didn't I reached out again. That same day the status of my order was updated to shipping label created. Another week went by and the package remained in that status. So, I reached out again I got a response a couple days later stating that the package was sent out and they wasn't sure why the label wasn't updated and why I hadn't received my order. They said they would re-send it. Ironically the next day the same label was updated to shipped and I received my order 2 days later.It took over a month and several emails to get my order. However, that was okay because things can happen.

When I finally received my order I rushed to open my package to find that the Beauty Serum was not what was pictured.It was not the oil that I used. The oil is just that... oil! It didn't appear to have anything added to it just the base oil no added ingredients. No rose petals added in the bottle as advertised/pictured.It smells like cooking oil. Definitely not what I ordered. I'm guessing the person who packed the order grabbed a unfinished bottle.... Im still trying to give the benefit of doubt. I did send a email and Instagram and FB as those are the only way they have listed to reach them. The response came two days later... stating that they didn't put any flowers in that batch and they don't have any in stock.They told me they could refund me for the oil (which I have not received).

Conclusion: I tried the Beauty serum before and if you can get what they are actually advertising It's Amazing! I think they could of made contact with me to let me know that they didn't have what I ordered and gave me the option to get the oil without the rose petals or not, instead of just sending me whatever they felt like sending me.

Everything else in the set is amazing. Just wish I could of had a better experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my product take to ship?

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing. We packaging, make, and send your products with love and care. You'll receive updates over email with your product shipping status.

Are Max Beauty products natural?

Yes! All our products are naturally formulated using plant-based ingredients. We use the same on our friends and family as we do on our customers. Authenticity and plant-based ingredients is how we formulate products that work.

Are your products safe to use while pregnant or nursing?

Please consult your doctor before using products. As the founder of Max Beauty, I used my products throughout my whole pregnancy but you need to check with your doctor first.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds or returns. Please reference our Refund Policy for more information.