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This Kit is the perfect kit for every Women .

Eve’s Garden (Yoni Bar ) has 100% organic herbs to help keep the vagina ph balanced .Made with herbs to help regulate menstrual cycles, Helps with Bacterial vaginosis,Itch ,Odor,Inhibits bacteria and yeast antibacterial and anti fungal.Astringent ,tone and cleanse.Marshmallow Root and more.Europhia is a aphrodisiac .Helps Increase sexual desire ,improve your libido,energy,mood and lubrication.

Code Red is a menstrual bar to use during the time of the month . This wash helps relaxes uterus reducing uterine muscle spasm, cramping, and improving uterine may help to reduce stress, relax the nervous system, and induce a restful state in the body. This can be very useful when experiencing menstrual cramping accompanied by anxiety and irritability.

Euphoria is a aphrodisiac for your vagina.Increase sexual desire ,improve your libido,energy,mood and lubrication

Size 4oz

Please note when using with a Sponge/Loofa you will see alot of bubbles .Body wash is not formulated for use with a rag or towel if you do use a rag suds will be low and more product will have to be used .Made with water ,coconut oil,argan oil,avocado oil Contains Coconut oil Made with Lavender and Chamomile and Natural Herbs


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”Always patch test before use. If you are pregnant, always consult your doctor before incorporating any essential oils and natural herbs in your health/skin care/hair care routine.Also if you are birth control consult with your Obgyn before using any natural cleanse on your vagina .

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
The SKIN Doctor of Beauty on The Beat
My Yoni Says Yasssss!!!!

So far so good, no bv, no oder. I like this version better than the clear one. It seams more gentle and I love the tingling sensation. #CleanCootaCat 🐱

Iris Picard

Eve's Garden - not sure how I feel about it yet, does make me feel cleaner but I got a UTI after using it for a week so I'm on the fence. Might just need my body to acclimate

Euphoria - I just bought this because I was curious, I'm a lesbian in a long distance relationship so I wasn't sure it would be useful to me but damn! Makes everything more intense even when I'm just having "me time," plus it smells super nice.

Alexus Florence

Leaves a very clean feeling

I liked the old look better

This is my second time ordering. Last time the formula looked different, prettier and clearer. But not disappointed otherwise. Side note: I believe the first set aided in me getting pregnant. <3

shanny b
Get ready!!!!!

Read the reviews and thought why not try it , plus I love all my other products.This wash is a refreshing and stimulating experience. It made for an even more incredible night !!

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